Project 5: Grape Pergola September 2018, Milford, NH

Project 1: Existing newly planted grape vines at Winnipesaukee Winery, Wolfeboro NH needing grape trellis system (in-progress August - September 2018)

Project 2: Renovated  lawn, including excavating and rototilling and designing and building stone landscape element memorializing the love between husband & wife, (completed May 2018.)

This Milford NH project included removing a number of large stumps and overgrown sections in rear of property as well as renovating the entire side lawn.  In addition, it included redesigning a flower garden that exists in front section and encasing it inside a small stone encampment.  The garden included a dogwood tree planted the year the two married. The tree was not healthy as a result of hard packed mounded mulch.  Step through the pictures to see the progress made throughout the project from beginning to end. The customers are willing to share their experience with King Street. Read Testimonial. 

Project Type #3 : Adding fruit and bush perennials creating beautiful backyard vineyards and orchards (multiple jobs included in gallery of pictures)

Project Type #4 : (I continue to forget to take photos of my roto-tilling projects but here are a few 2018 projects I captured.