Building a Home Orchard

You've decided you want to start growing fresh fruit.  You've never grown fruit trees before so who do you ask for help?  

One of the region's experts is King Street Vineyards.  With over 25 years of  growing fruit we offer assistance to home owners to help them avoid the common mistakes and failures and to experience success, greater harvests, and healthier fruit.  

Besides the fruit you also discover that a fruit tree, bush, or bramble produces an ever-changing beautiful landscape for your home.  it continually changes throughout its season from the bare wood in the winter to flowers and leaves in the spring and finally the brilliant colors of its fruit as it becomes ready for harvest. 

If you need help, even just a question, contact us.  We grow our own mature fruit nursery products and back them up with a season's guarantee.

In addition to growing nursery products for planting at your home, King Street Vineyards also tests and analyzes soil composition and can amend your soil based on the results of the tests to the specific needs of what you plan on growing.  


An eight year old Montmorency sour cherry tree producing 3 gallons of sour cherries

Over 250  cold hardy (Zone 5 fruit trees)  apple trees, sweet cherry trees, sour cherry trees, apricot trees, plum trees, pear trees pear trees, almond trees, and mulberry trees along with hundreds of blueberry raspberry, blackberry, and elderberry bushes and brambles. We can help you design and build your small to large fruit orchard that best suites your soil and landscape. 


With a handful of fruit trees and after only a few years you could be picking fruit like you see above


And when you grow your own fruit you'll be eating healthy food everyday through the entire summer