Creating Home and backyard Vineyards


King Street Vineyards grows 14 varieties of grape vines strong enough to survive New England winters and delicious enough you'll never taste a better  grape than the ones you grow.  We will help you select the variety of grapes, the ones that best fit with how you'd like to use them.   

We design and build beautiful grape trellis systems that turns your property into a  backyard vineyard, a hobby that will bring you joy for years to come and is easy to manage.  Our trellis systems are built for the long term and remain in perfect geometry (upright and straight) through their life.  Most other trellis systems don't. 

Grape Vines for Sale

We also offer our customers a choice of 25 varieties of vines with 500 plus mature vines ready to produce fruit. See our 2018 Grape Vine Catalog. Or come for a visit and see for yourself our selection. 

If you'd like to build your own trellis system, we also sell all posts and hardware right out of our 25 King Street Vineyard in Milford, NH. Contact us and tell us your plans and we'll build a personalized do-it-yourself grape trellis together for you.  


If you'd rather have King Street Vineyards build your trellis, we would be happy to help you build and begin enjoying your home vineyard. We provide home vineyard design, layout, and trellis plans, home vineyard supplies, grape plants and vines and all kinds of help in learning how to grow grapes and grape vines at home and in your backyard. Click below and let us know you are interested in sharing your thoughts about your home vineyard and we'll be in touch with you shortly.


It's a fun hobby

It  is fun to watch your vines change over time and offer delicious tasting fruit, year after year.  And it's easy once you learn the basics of pruning and maintenance requirements and yes, we can help.  You and your family will develop a sense of excitement year after year as you anticipate the new year's harvest.   Contact us to find out just how easy and fun it is to have your own vineyard. 


Build your Home Vineyard anywhere

Backyard Vineyards do not have to be built in the backyard.  They can be built anywhere and for any purpose on your property.  For example  the picture on the bottom left is used as a summer and fall privacy hedge.  We can even add lights to your grape trellis as seen in the middle picture below. Your grape trellis can be used as a property border or to replicate your memories of a visit to a Napa Valley or Italian vineyard. King Street Vineyards are the experts at designing, constructing, and building a brand of vineyards that last a lifetime and a great addition to your home.  


Our Grape Vineyard Trellis systems are the best for home owners   

Both our do-it-yourself KSV Vintner Kit and our custom trellis systems are designed to remain perfectly upright, last a lifetime, and are incredibly easy to maintain.  Our posts are commercial farming posts not available to home owners and we make them available to you. 

The KSV Vintner Kit $494 Includes 3 grape vines, posts, hardware, tools, wire and video instructions on how to build your own KSV backyard vineyard- Additional 12'sections-$225


Getting Started