How To BUILD a home Vineyard

It starts with selecting a trellis system that lasts a lifetime never needing to be replaced, makes  pruning extremely easy for the beginner Vintner (you), and remains as it was installed, at a 90 degree upright position.  Typically, home owners and landscape professionals install posts that within  a few years  lose their original  upright position.   The trellis goes from being a very nice landscape element to  an unattractive mess of vines and leaning posts.  

You see, posts lose their upright position because of the physics related to using wire between posts.  The wire is used to attach and manage the growing vines. And when fruit begins to see the pull increases significantly.  Eventually, and without extending a counter weight at the ends and corners of each trellis line the posts will be pulled and lean inward.  And it will only gets worse as wires will need to be tightened every year.  

That's why you should start by talking with King Street Vineyards.  We can definitely help get started right.  And If you want to build it yourself, we have all of the supplies to build one identical to the Trellis lines we build all over New England for home owners.  

King Street Vineyards philosophy is to build things right and build them to last. And that's how we build the KSV Trellis System, sturdy, handsome, and lasts a lifetime.


How can King Street Vineyards help you with your home vineyard?

We start by answering every one of your questions and sharing with you all of the lessons we've acquired over the years on how to build a real vineyard in your backyard.  A landscape that provides great joy and excitement each year as it produces more and more for you. and it takes very little time each year with a terrific and delicious result at the end of each year. 

How we work with our customers is simple. The process is simple, just three steps starting with your vision of your very own vineyard


Sharing digital pictures or scheduling a site consultation is where it all begins. We take measurements and  test the soil.   



Everyone's homes and property are unique.  Therefore, every home vineyard must be designed to compliment your home. That makes every King Street Vineyard installation unique to you and one of a kind.   We prepare the design and build a work proposal for you to consider. 

Step 3.   Hand-Build The Vineyard

When the home owner is happy and ready to start, we sign an agreement and work begins in short order.  As you see in the pictures below we build vineyards  as small as 36 square feet (see KSV Vintner Kit below) and vineyards measured in thousands of square feet.   


King Street Vineyards smallest trellis is called the KSV Vintner Kit.  This fully-installed 12' long grape trellis comes with two vines of your choice and costs $689.  If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person we sell the kit for $489 which includes all of the materials and tools we use)

Did you know that grape vines love to be planted in the Fall.  It gives them a huge jump over those that are first planted 6 months later in the Spring. When planted in the Fall all the need is a generous amount of water for the first two-three weeks.  

If you'd like to chat about the details and costs of creating a backyard and home vineyard complete and submit the form below and we'll be in tough with you within 24 hours.  

Place your order today and have your very own vineyard installed and growing at your home in just a few days.