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Yes we do!

And yes, our indoor-outdoor citrus fruit plants are grown indoors during the winter and moved outdoors each summer. These fruit bearing bushes and trees are spectacular. They add beauty in its hanging citrus fruit and an unbelievable flowering aroma lasting months through the winter. People in the home will appreciate winter days all the more, living with a bit of summer while the cold and snow covers the outside. It’s from my own personal experience of growing fruit trees that I can honestly say, “Citrus trees bring summer to winter homes.” .. D E Quigley

Citrus plants make unique personal winter gifts to celebrate Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or just plain old “Pick’m off the floor days”

603-672-7000 to order and schedule pick up

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Special: Also includes a wine tasting of KSV’s NEW 2018 wine.

The workshop and demonstration is called,

“How to be successful growing beautiful indoor citrus fruit bearing bushes and trees through the Winter.”

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Experience first-hand the beauty and aroma indoor citrus trees brings to a living space. There is no other plant like it. It’s flowers cleans your indoor air and replaces it with the incredible aroma of citrus that lasts for months. And when the weather warms and outdoor temperatures no longer dip below 55 degrees your indoor citrus tree go out to your sunny porch or patio adding the unique beauty of growing citrus fruit on trees at your home. It will will enhance your indoor and outdoor living space.

King Street Vineyards, 25 King Street in Milford NH has all sizes and shapes of Meyer Lemon, Lime, and Orange trees and they’re ready for pickup today and through April. Trees and bushes come in 1 gallon, 3 gallon, 5 gallon, and 10 gallon (7’ high) pots. We also can deliver 30 gallon plants (12’ + high) for really high ceilings and big houses.