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Protecting your Fruit from Pests - Milford Wadleigh Library Workshop

What you’ll learn:

There is an assortment of pests just waiting for you to start growing and offering a new fruit-based cuisine.  There are many ways to interdict and to “turn the tables” most NH pests.   You’ll discover how much fun it is to grow fruit at your home knowing with confidence you can harvest it before pests have their way.  Emerson will guide you through the basics of protecting your fruit crop all season long.


You can find helpful videos and guidelines at


About the speaker: D. Emerson Quigley has been growing and harvesting grapes and fruit on his property in Milford for more than twenty years. He’s been in business helping home owners build and maintain backyard vineyards and orchards since 2014. King Street Vineyards and NH State Fruit Nursery is fully licensed in New Hampshire to sell the full set of NH grown and climate-specific fruit-based agriculture.