See pruning pictures (below) of 4 needy old apple trees brought back to life to produce fruit and be a beautiful addition to a homeowner's landscape design. 

Fruit and Grape Maintenance

Maintaining your fruit production takes resources, time and effort.  For those who do not have time, King Street Vineyards can help.  We provide an annual Service Agreement that takes care of everything from Spring pruning and keeping grape vine trenches clear of weeds, to annual fertilization and pest and disease spraying programs.


Pruning is a necessary step in fruit growing.    Proper pruning will help train your tree, vine or bush to the desired shape, help control growth and improve light penetration, increasing fruit quality and production.  A few minutes spent pruning and training your plantings early in their life will save many hours of corrective pruning later.


Basically, your fruit will be tastier and healthier looking.  You see many creatures and nasty things wish to consume your fruit before you do.  Spraying will help control the diseases and insects that will want to rob you of your yield.  King Street Vineyards uses the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This means monitoring for insect and disease pests and treating for only those pests present and only if they are present in sufficient numbers to be damaging.  Cultural controls are also employed to reduce pesticide applications.  All spray programs are tailored to your individual requirements.  Pest pressure varies by location and different growers desire different levels of control. 

To speak to someone at King Street Vineyards about restoring old fruit trees, pruning, spraying and maintenance services please Contact us today. 

Major Fruit Pests

Fruit                 Insects                                                                 Diseases

Apples             Plum Curculio, Apple Maggot Fly                  Apples Scab

Blueberry        Fruit Fly Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)  Mummy Berry

Grapes             Japanese Beetles, SWD, Grape Berry Moth  Powdery                                                                                                                   Mildew

Stone Fruit      Tarnished Plant Bug, Plum Curculio             Brown Rot