The Ultimate Fire Pit

Entertain with Elegance

Our patented KSV 4-in-1 Fire Pit lets you entertain in style with its unique interchangeable functions and its beautiful granite inlays. It comes in two versions - wood-burning and propane.

Each Fire Pit consists of everything you need to sit back and enjoy an evening with your friends and family. It consists of a black powder coated iron frame, a heavy-gauge stainless steel fire pan that will not rust, a heavy gauge safety sleeve, and four handsome identical granite inlays that you choose from our huge selection of colors and styles. 


Propane: $895


Wood burning: $745

4 Amazing Functions in 1

This unique outdoor fire pit transforms in seconds into four distinct functions. It can become a substantial ice chest/cooler during the day and then can easily be changed into a fire pit, grill, or beautiful coffee table


Coffee Table 

When not in use, the KSV 4-in-11 Fire Pit frame easily changes its function to become a side table or multi tier coffee table.  This accessory slides on the rails underneath the granite inlays. It can also be placed on top of the granite creating a unique two-tier look.  


Ice Cooler

On hot summer days, entertain guests while sitting around this handsome patio ice chest enjoying the day and everyone's stories. Keeps drinks and food properly chilled and beautifully presented on your patio. Cooler slides in and out.


Stainless Steel Grill

Grilling is just one of four amazing functions and features available to home owners. The stainless steel grill makes it easy to grill big things fast.  It won't rust and it will last for years to come. The grill can be used in both the propane and wood burning packages.  Each grill is hand welded and inspected and certified.   

Stainless Steel Grill   $150

Separate accessrory 


Soapstone Grill

For cooking all sorts of things, the Vermont Soap Stone USDA Certified cooking surface is an excellent way to cook food and it can be done all while enjoying your guests.  You see, you don't have to leave the group to grill.  You can grill as you sit around this beautiful outdoor patio accessory.  

Each fire pit comes with a table top, soapstone grill, and heavy gauge ice chest

Propane Fire Pit: (includes table top, soapstone grill and ice chest)

Wood Fire Pit: (includes table top, soapstone grill and ice chest)

The KSV 4-in-1 Fire Pit Story

After building a wine tasting patio for his backyard vineyard, David Emerson Quigley, the fire pit designer imagined exactly the kind of fire pit he believed would compliment and enhance the beauty of his new granite patio. He envisioned a patio accessory that would be highly functional and last for years while not dominating the patio as most fixed fire pits do.  It needed to be easily portable to move in and out of its multiple functions (i.e., coffee table, ice chest, fire pit, and grill) and to position in different places on the patio or on the property.  For example it might be perfect in the middle of the patio one day or off to the side another day.  Moving it had to be easy. After searching for weeks in stores and online, he determined there was no product that came close to the design eloquence, practical functionality, and ease of use he had hoped to find.  So he decided to build it from scratch himself.  It was the summer of 2012 and he built his first version.

It's now six years later and the fire pit has entered its fourth generation with the addition of the new propane burning version.  Over the years, we've received hundreds of requests for a propane version and we're thrilled to be offering the package in 2018.   

We hope you love it as much as we do.

 Granite Selections

With 16 beautiful varieties of granite to choose from, you are sure to find the right style to match your outdoor experience. 

Standard 16 granite colors.JPG

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