Great information and ideas for growing a home vineyard and making wine

Most people only dream of having their own vineyard but its the easiest eatable landscape you could ever add to your home.  The New England Home Vineyards Newsletter will keep you current on everything you need to know about caring for your grapes to straight forward lessons and recommendations for growing your very own Grape Vineyard. 

The New England Vineyard News also includes timely invitations to join us for  FREE Wine and Tapas Tastings at King Street Vineyards.  Spend a late afternoon sitting around with new friends enjoying tapas cooked on the KSV Fire Pit Soapstone and tastes of New Hampshire Home Vineyard wine. Sign up below so that you'll receive our newsletter with growing grape tips, dates for tastings, and weekly Intro Wine Making Classes.    

Your New England Home Vineyard Newsletter  also includes delicious patio cooking recipes and fun ideas and activities to play around your patio with friends and family. 


Why wait, summer is still with us and Fall is even a better time to spend it outdoors.

Join us this fall for a wine tasting of  grapes grown in New Hampshire at King Street Vineyards Grape Nursery

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Interested in participating in the FALL KSV Wine Making Class.


David will bring you though every step of the process to ensure that you have a wonderful first time experience making wine.   3 consecutive Tuesday evenings starting on September 20th - October 4th, from 5:30-7:30  PM - $125/class

Signing up for the class you will receive  A. 1 crate each of red or white grapes, total of 2 crates, 70 pounds. and B. An Intro Wine Making Kit. The three week class including grapes and full introduction Kit. 

New Vintners will be able to use  KSV's destemmer  for removing the stems and prepping grapes for the fermentation process. 

70 pounds of real grapes (2 crates) 

wine making kit.JPG

Intro Wine Making Kit (everything you need)