Professional Rototilling

Rototilling Services

King Street Vineyards offer regional home gardeners rototiller services with our New Holland home-sized tractor.  At 52 " wide its able to fit into almost all front, back, and side yards. We are fully insured and can make short work of any garden challenge.  Our service is perfect for home owners who are faced with renting a rototiller.  By the time you coordinate the rental, pay all of the fees, transport it home, do the rototilling and return the unit to the rental agency you've already paid more  than it would have cost if you called and scheduled us. 

See pictures from some of our 2018 rototilling projects or last years project pictures below. 

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tilling small front,back,&side lawn gardens

building,repairing, and renovating lawns

large gardens or patchwork sections