Professional Rototilling

Thanks to all of my 2016 Rototilling customers!  It's been the best year yet!  Here's a picture from a garden that I prepared for my customer on Many 9, 2016.  I may only have a small 52" tiller but sometimes "small" is just the right size.

New Garden, New Lawn, Old Garden and Lawn Repair Rototilling Service

King Street Vineyards offer regional home gardeners rototiller services with our 48" commercial tiller driven by a 30 horsepower New Holland home-sized tractor.  Our New Holland can access most city backyard properties with it's 52"back wheel width.  We are fully insured and can make short work of any garden challenge.  Our service is perfect for home owners who are faced with renting a rototiller.  By the time you coordinate the rental, pay all of the fees, transport it home, do the rototilling and return the unit to the rental agency, more than likely you've already paid more cash than it would have cost if you just hired King Street Vineyards. 

Our Spring schedule fills up quickly so please don't hesitate to contact us today for a quote and to get on our Spring Rototilling Schedule. We charge $60/hr.

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