If you own a beautiful patio that brings joy and family entertainment, to you, your family, and to your friends I am proud to introduce a perfect accessory to add to your patio, the US Patent Pending  KSV 4 in 1 Fire Pit. This wood burning fire pit and table patio accessory is easy to move from one spot on your patio to another. This beautiful fire pit brings to your home outdoor living environment four distinctive, capable, and highly functional patio accessories, a table top, a cooler, a fire pit, and a grill, all included in our NEW 2017 MFG LIST price.  The attractiveness of each unit is the beautiful, 4 one inch thick granite stone inlays that makes the design of the product absolutely unique.  We carry a variety of standard colors for the  granite but customers looking for a specific match or granite color schema we can easily provide you , for an additional fee, a full portfolio of granite to choose.

From a beautiful patio cooler during the day and  in just a few seconds it becomes a sturdy and capable fire pit.  When not in use, the KSV 4in1 Fire Pit becomes an eloquent coffee table adding its value to all of the other elements on your patio.   This is all managed through our US Patent Pending "parallel rail system" which is fully hidden under the  granite stone inlays.  The rails provide a simple and easy mechanism to slide one patio function out and another one in. With its eloquent and simple design this attractive patio accessory compliments even the most spectacular outdoor patio environment. 


The Standard KSV 4 in 1 Fire Pit Package - what's included

1.   The frame, the stainless steel fire pit pan, the stainless steel protective sleeve, and the granite stone inlays all come standard, in addition to the elements listed below.  

2.   The cooler pan. On hot summer days, you can entertain guests sitting around this handsome patio cooler enjoying the day and everyone’s stories. Keeps drinks and food properly chilled and beautifully presented on your patio. Cooler slides on the two rails of a frame. To make it easy and simple to drain the water from the cooler pan as the ice melts we include a small classic brass gate valve that sits in the middle of the pan.

3.   The table top. When you not entertaining or burning your KSV 4in1 Fire Pit continues to serve as an important element to the eloquence to your patio. It’s perfect addition for your morning coffee and muffin.  This accessory slides on the rails underneath the granite inlays making it a two-tier attractive outdoor coffee table or it can be placed on top of the granite creating a unique look or cover for your cooler (when in use).

4.   New England Soapstone. For little things like hot dogs, hamburgers, fish, asparagus, green beans, pancakes, or anything you would use a frying pan for we offer the KSV Soapstone.  It transfers wood to stone perfectly for sautéing and makes grilling fun and something you can do while entertaining.


We also offer as an Additional Add-on accessory, a STAINLESS STEEL HEAVY GAUGE GRILL for cooking big things.

Grilling directly on a wood fire is exactly what our nation’s early pioneers used to cook their meals. Nothing compares to the taste of food cooked over an open wood fire. You can cook all sorts of delicious food on this lifelong stainless steel cooking surface including corn on the cobb, squirrels, (just kidding) and a host of other foods.  This cooking accessory actually makes the KSV 4in1 Fire Pit, 5IN1. The stainless steel grill makes it easy to grill big things, fast.  Each grill is hand welded by a New England welding craftsman.


The history behind the invention of the KSV 4 in 1 Fire Pit.  

After building a wine tasting patio David Quigley imagined exactly the kind of fire pit that would enhance the beauty of his new granite patio and not dominate it as most fixed fire pits do.  It needed to be easily portable to move in and out of its function as a fire pit.  For example it might be perfect in the middle of the patio one day or off to the side another day.  Moving it had to be easy. After searching for weeks in stores and online, he determined there was no product that fit his needs of design eloquence and practical functionality.   It was the summer of 2012 and he built his first version. Four years later, now in its third generation frame and an expanded set of accessories that all take advantage of the simple railing (patent pending) design.

We hope you love it as much as we do.  


How does someone go about ordering a KSV 4 in 1 Fire Pit? 

Each KSV Fire Pit is hand crafted and hand welded.  To make the process efficient we produce 12 at a time.  At any one time we may have a few kits available for immediate sales.  The entire manufacturing, powder coating, stone cutting, etc.. takes approximately 21 days.  Based on this to start the process we accept a deposit of $200 and you will receive the next available.  

I noticed above that you are giving away at no cost the Cooler add-on. How long will this offer be good?

September 1, 2016. 

How many selections of color does the granite inlays come?

Answer :  We're currently offering 16 granite standard colors featured below.  The list will vary over time and upon availability.  New ones will be added and ones that are no longer available will be removed.  We do however, highly recommend visiting and experience the real beauty and true color pf the granite inlays you'd like to bring home to your patio.   There is nothing like seeing one of these breath taking stone beauties from the earth to really appreciate the beauty of a KSV 4IN1 Fire Pit. 

Select any stone below to see a much closer picture.


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