Every King Street Vineyards (KSV) came about from a need and then an idea of how to solve that need related to outdoor living patios, owning a home vineyard or a home orchard. 

For the outdoor living patio enthusiasts, KSV designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind products that you can't find anywhere else.  The KSV 4 in 1 Fire Pit is a perfect example.  It's capability is so unique we've formally applied for a US Patent.  If awarded, which we are hoping, you'll truly have one of the most unique and eloquent patio addition in your neighborhood. 

KSV ProductS


KSV 4 In 1 Fire Pit Standard Package            This kit includes the frame, stainless-steel fire pan, stainless-steel safety sleeve and your choice of granite inlays. Hand-welded in NH and guaranteed for 10 years.

   Customer pickup at KSV   $1,600 

Delivered anywhere in New England     $1,750

Coffee Table Top  add-on to KSV Fire Pit    This accessory slides on the rails underneath the granite inlays. It can also be placed on top of the granite creating a unique two-tier look. 

Customer pickup at KSV   $105.00

Ground shipped in New England    $330.00

Steel Cooler Pan add-on to KSV Fire Pit           Keeps drinks and food properly chilled all day and beautifully presented on your patio for family and friends to enjoy. Slides inside rails of a Basic KSV Fire Pit frame

*Special Summer promotion*

Free with all Fire Pit sales expires on 9.1.16


Soapstone  add-on to KSV Fire Pit                      If you saute more than you grill you might want to consider our soapstone for preparing the food you most enjoy in life


Customer pickup Only    $280

Too fragile to ship

Stainless Steel Grill  add-on to KSV Fire Pit   Grilling is just one of four amazing functions and features. You can also grill with our soapstone


Customer pickup at KSV   $300 

Ground shipped in New England     $325

The Grampa Outdoor Bench Set                    This cute outdoor bench set is made from sturdy lightweight pine and is designed for a child and their Grampa to share

The benches can be left outdoors all summer long.  One neat feature is that the kid's bench fits  inside of grampas.  gYour choice of colors. Customer pickup Only  at KSV   $100 


KSV Vintner Kit                                                     Have KSV install it for you or Install yourself - Your very own grape trellis and vines.  All you need is a space 12 feet long and three feet across.

The do-it-yourself package consists of 3 posts, staples, wire (3) two vines of your choice and connectors (3)

12' long trellis installed at your home   $689

Do-it-yourself Kit - pick up only    $489

Organic Farming Certified Cedar Raised Beds - 4 foot and 6 foot beds with extended end posts for netting pests out of bed. 

4' x 2' without extended posts $75

4' x 2' with extended posts $85

6' x 2' without extended posts $90

6' x 2' with extended posts   $100