The KSV Vintner Kit

Introducing the KSV Vintner Kit.  This "do-it-yourself" home owner kit includes all of the material to build your very own trellis system seen below.  The kit also includes three grape vines you select from our 29 varieties grown in our fruit nursery.   See how easy it is to build it yourself:


About the KSV Vintner Kit

The KSV Vintner Kit contains everything a do-it-yourself homeowner needs to build an exact duplicate of the King Street Vineyard Trellis System.  This includes commercial grade  3-4" (1) and 4-5" (2) pre-drilled pressured treated farm posts, all hardware and three lengths (pre-cut) of high tensile wire. The kit also includes your choice of 29 varieties. New Hampshire grown grape vines.  


Simply put, we want to make sure your trellis lasts forever.  We include all of the heavy duty commercial grade farm components to make sure it's built right the very first time.  With the KSV grape trellis system, a home owner will never have to replace or attempt to straighten out leaning posts.  Our system ensures you’ll only have to put the posts in once and they’ll remain straight upright forever

Basic steps for a home owner using the kit. 

Step 1. On your selected location and using markers measure a linear 12 foot x 3 foot section, and using a shovel remove the grass contained inside the rectangle you just measured and marked.  Once completed, center and measure inside the rectangle a 10 foot length.  The inside length represents where the single horizontal 3-4" post will be placed.  It also represents the "leveled" inside edge  of the two vertical 4-5 posts where they'll be abutting the inside horizontal post. Mark each of the positions so that when you are digging the two post holes they will line up exactly with the above requirements. Now dig two 3 -1/2 foot holes for the two vertical posts while keeping in mind that the horizontal post will be abutting each of the the interior sides of the two verticals. 

Step 2. With the holes complete its time to place the vertical posts into position.  Use your level on two sides to make sure that the vertical posts are perpendicular (90 degrees) to the ground and that the pre-drilled holes are inline.  Tap the two steel 10" steel pins, using a hammer so that 1-2 inches are visible on the inside.  Now pick up the 10' horizontal post and connect it to one post.  Once it is fairly well connected walk up holding the 10' post up to the other post and secure it in the pin.  Now take your hammer and secure the remaining length of each pin into it s attached post.

Step 3. Depending on whether you are using 2 or 3 vines this would be a good time to prepare the soil for planting.  Each hole should be dug approximately 2' deep and spaced accordingly. 

Step 4. Now using the three (3) high tensile wire sets,  each of which already are connected on one wire side to a  Spring Clip Strainer, you will be making the final connection to secure the looped wire without using any diagonal wires coming from the vertical posts.  Mark with a pencil from the ground, 36", 48" and 60" on both vertical posts.  using the U-nails hammer 3 around each post at each length from the ground.  The wire will be pulled through each, and once its passed through the last 3, you connect the wire to the end that contains the Spring Clip Strainers making sure that the clip is facing up.  Pull the single wire through the outside hole and pend the end around the center (1-2" through and bend).  With downward pressure removing slack and using pliers ratchet the strainer to tighten the wire.  Applying downward pressure is very helpful.  Once all three wires are attached all that is left is planting your vines.