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King Street Vineyards Wine Tastings 

An evening Of NH wine, spirit, and great food

Every Friday and Saturday evening 7:00-9:00  Starting January 20, 21. Reservations only - CALL 603-672-7000

For couples or small groups up to 10.  A Private Chef serving you and your guest(s) a four course tapas (small portioned appetizers) and providing the wine enthusiast with a taste of NH wine hosted by the King Street Vineyard Vintner, David Emerson Quigley.  A unique Milford, NH experience for $15/person make a reservation for an evening of good wine, food, and a very different and fun evening night out in Southern New Hampshire. For more information, visit ->

King Street Vineyards, New England source for Home Vineyards, Grape Vines, & FRUIT TREES

Have you ever been to a vineyard for a wine tasting and noticed the landscaped beauty of grapes and its trellis system?
Do you remember how delicious your first taste of true fresh fruit when visiting a “pick-your-own” farm?
Do you have an outdoor patio and enjoy spending time there with family and friends?

Blueberry Bushes for sale - $20.00 Now through the end of September

September and the first month of the Fall season is an excellent time to plant bushes to ensure that next Spring you'll harvest your family's first crop. Warm days and cool evenings are perfect to allow the roots to get established for the upcoming winter season.  All of our bushes are early producers and 3-4 year old mature plants.  Plan a visit this month and pick up a few plants at this low price of $20.  It will produce delicious and healthy fruit for you and your family for years to come.  All for just $20.


Join our Introduction to wine making workshop, this fall,  Thursday nights,  6:00-8:00 at King Street Vineyards

Imagine how much fun it would be to learn how to make wine!

Would you like to make your first very own 3 gallons of red or white wine this fall?  

Every KSV student starts with 70 pounds of delicious red or white grapes still on their stem. The workshop will take you through each step of the process and you'll learn how much fun it can be to make wine.  We provide everything you need,  from start to finish.  


  • must be 21 or older
  • small class size - max 6 students
  • we provide: 70 pounds fresh grapes
  • complete introductory set of tools and equipment you can use for many years to come
  • 5 Thursday evening workshops and   hands-on experiential teaching
  • make your very first 3 gallons or 15 bottles of home vineyard wine, with your choice of  red or white grapes.

King Street Vineyards "KSV"  is your local single-source expert for creating your own home vineyard or home orchard. We will help you select the right grape vines and fruit trees, and then work with you to design, build and maintain an outdoor living and eatable landscape for years of wonderful experiences. We also build and offer premium quality outdoor living products for patio and garden enthusiasts.


home Vineyards

Trellis systems, grape arbors, and other products, supplies, and services for home owners who dream of adding a grape vineyard landscape to their beloved property



home Orchards

Plums, peaches, apples, apricots, almonds - you name it and if it is a fruit and it can be grown in a New England climate we have them for you - 45 different varieties. And we know how to help you be successful. 


family entertainment

Many beautiful sunsets are spent outside on home patio or in your gardens with a glass of wine or your favorite drink. We design and build products that compliment your home patio or your garden you can use for years to come.  They're built to last by NH craftsman who stand behind their work.


King Street Vineyards is a comfortable place to buy and purchase your grape vines, and fruit trees for your home and backyard vineyard or orchard. In addition to our new plants we also sell a number of mature fruit trees berries and vines that will begin producing fruit in just a year or two. We help with grape vineyard and orchard garden design and layout, plant, grow, and maintain fruit trees, grape vines and berriese and we have a variety of vineyard and orchard supplies including trellis system, trellis wires and posts for purchase. 

King Street Vineyards made my dream of owning my own orchard a reality.
— Phil B
My wife and I absolutely love our home vineyard. It’s so reminiscent of our Italian wine country vacation and now we have those memories with us forever. Can’t wait to start making our own wine. Thanks KSV so much
— Frank E

King Street Vineyards pledges to you that...

  • we  work tirelessy to provide you exceptional service
  • we design and manufacturer only premium quality products built to last for years and if one doesn't we'll replace it
  • we will exceed your expectations in product quality, function, and craftsmanship