Backyard Vineyards come in all shapes and sizes. An important consideration and starting point is choosing the best spot to grow grape vines. It's probably the most important consideration. There are a few others. We'd be glad to offer you our expertise and for more information visit our backyard vineyard webpage or contact us today.    


Trellis Design, Supplies, and Instal

KSV stocks the full set of high quality, commercial farming grade trellis fence posts including multiple lengths and post sizes (3-4, 5-6) cedar and pressure treated. We also stock high tensile wire and other trellis hardware including multiple strainers, hooks, corner rollers, tools, and more. Contact us for our Trellis ordering Form. 



As of January 22, 2018 there have been enough cold temperatures to satisfy dormancy requirements across all varieties.  Annual pruning is essential for healthy and highly productive fruit agriculture.  Our horticulture expertise coves all fruit varieties. Pruning methods are unique to each variety and very few general landscapers have this expertise.

What all of this means is that pruning season is officially open.  Pruning residential properties is an important service of KSV and we'd be glad to provide you a quote.  For more information visit our pruning webpage for additional pictures and more detail. Or contact us today.     

Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are attractive self contained landscape structures that bring additional beauty and personalized attention to a residential property.  They offer a quiet sanctuary to take stock and appreciate the benefits and beauty of a home outdoor ambiance.  We design, pre-fabricate/manufacture, and install anywhere in the New England states. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and quote. 

What is a pergola? 

Pergola’s tend to be large wooden structures with at least four support beams and open sides. The roof is made up of wooden cross-beams spaced apart to allow air and sunlight through. Pergolas are typically meant for gatherings and entertaining groups of people. It provides a comfortable shaded area, without losing the feeling of being outdoors. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

What is an arbor?

Arbors are placed on paths, walkways, and entrances. The most common place for an arbor is Commonly found at the entrance to a garden or on a garden walkway. Since they are used in gardens, arbors can feature plants and vines growing on them. Compared to a pergola, they are small in size. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

Garden Rototilling,Lawn Repair, and New Lawn Installation

KSV offers garden and lawn rototilling services for southern New Hampshire home owners.  The service bills out at $60/hour and we guarantee you'll appreciate how much back breaking pre-garden work we saved you. And, you'll have a beautiful, ready to grow garden or lawn.     

For more information visit our rototilling webpage for pictures and more detail or contact us today.