Design, Construction, Products and Maintenance

King Street Vineyards provides everything you need to turn any space on your property into a beautiful and fruit producing compliment to your home. 

Five sets of home services

1     Sharing your vision and ideas

The first step in the process is to meet in person at your property to discuss what you hope to establish on your property. There is no cost to the meeting. This is where everything is put on the table and we work together to bring to reality your vision of growing your own fresh fruit and making your property even more beautiful for years to come. 


2     Design

Based on the meeting and your requirements, King Street Vineyards provides design options, ideas and budget for your consideration.  You will be provided 2D and 3D landscape design models that help you better visualize the possibilities of growing fruit on your property. 


3     Construction and Planting 

King Street Vineyards is a fully licensed landscape contractor who has the equipment, experience, workmanship, materials and quality work ethic to complete the job on schedule and on budget to your specifications. 


4     Products

King Street Vineyards has established relationships with the leading providers of fruit trees, bushes and grape vines in the Northeast.

Furthermore, we stand behind every product we plant through its first season.  If the plant or tree fails in its first season, KSV will provide, at no cost, a replacement the following season. We stand behind this guarantee because we deliver the very best trees, vines, berries, and brambles that grow extremely well in our New England climate.  To see the complete line of products visit our product catalog page.


5     Maintenance

Designing, constructing and planting your perfect orchard or grape vineyard is important but nothing is more important for ultimately enjoying the "fruits of your labor" than properly maintaining what was built each year, thereafter. Specifically, this means fertilizer, weed control, pest control and annual pruning.  During our first meeting (#1 above) your King Street Professional will make sure you fully understand how important annual maintenance is for a successful and bountiful fruit production.  In regard to maintenance, King Street Vineyards can do one or all of these tasks. All we want to do is to make sure you have the very best results.   For more on Maintenance work please visit our orchard and vineyard maintenance page. 

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